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Voices from theFrontlines

Climate change is reshaping our world and exposing Africans, across the continent, to increased hardship. How can its people be empowered to face climate shocks and stressors and make informed decisions to move or stay now and in the future?


This visual introduction to contemporary African life examines the effects of the climate crisis on people’s lives and how it influences their decisions to move.


The Africa Climate Mobility Initiative recommends eight key actions which, if undertaken as a whole over the next eight years (2023-2030) can harness climate mobility to support adaptation journeys that are both people positive and nature positive, contributing to Africa’s collective resilience.

Stories from Africa

Watch our documentary and explore how climate mobility affects frontline communities.


In the Climate Mobility Data Portal we share the main data sets used in the Africa Climate Mobility Model. This tool allows you to understand and grasp the importance of the critical factors affecting climate mobility in Africa.

Example of the data from the research as visible in the 'Explore the data' section of the platform